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Unlucky Fish

Unlucky Fish

I had ventured off the beaten path of the shoreline trail along Dublin Bay, to catch a closer look at a Grey Heron that was feeding in the shallows. I found a nice perch on a concrete jetty where I could sit and watch this graceful bird. As I was texting my girlfriend on my iPhone, I heard a loud splash in the water that nearly startled me. When I looked up, I saw a disturbance in the water about 30 meters from me and knew something large had surfaced and submerged before I could catch a glimpse. I immediately aimed my Nikon in that direction and waited. A moment later, I snapped this photo as a sea lion broke water again showing me his dinner. He surfaced several times, until alas he swallowed the fish whole and was gone. I waited for more activity, but the tide was receding and soon the inlet would be a mudflat. He and any others had moved out to deeper waters.